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EHOVE Career Center has a new tool called needlepoint bi-polar ionization as part of its safety & wellness efforts during the pandemic that will also be a long-term asset. The ionization system is very effective in killing COVID-19, as well as other viruses, bacteria and molds, including influenza. 

Needlepoint ionization is a patented technology that helps clean the air by producing a high concentration of positive and negative ions and delivering them through the ventilation system.  Certified third-party testing shows that it kills 99.4% of pathogens in 30 minutes.

EHOVE is one of the first schools in the area to install the technology, which has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to all schools and universities.  Hospitals have been using it for some time, but the pandemic has caused its expansion to new areas. 

“Our staff have been diligently cleaning and sanitizing campus every day,” said EHOVE Superintendent Chris McCully. “Adding this system to our enhanced procedures is yet another way to keep our students and staff as safe as possible.”

EHOVE’s campus-wide installation was completed on November 20 but the system has been in place in some campus buildings for up to a month already.  The highest populated buildings were targeted first.

Within the air stream, ions attach to particles, where they combine, become larger, and are more easily filtered from the air.  When ions come in contact with pathogens, they disrupt the pathogen's surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

Long-term benefits of the system also include controlling odors, decreasing the number of particles in the air, keeping the HVAC components clean, and reducing the amount of outside air needed in the building, which results in a savings of energy and utility costs.

The system was completely paid for by Federal CARES grant funds.  The projected total was $239,859 but due to spare parts that can be returned, the final cost will be lower. 

An additional savings of $30,000 resulted from EHOVE maintenance staff installed the system themselves, which consisted of 38 complete units.   Local company CCG Automation partnered with EHOVE to provide equipment, installation training and backend programming on the HVAC controls system.

To see EHOVE’s plan and procedures regarding safety and wellness during the pandemic, go to the Campus Update section at Provided by Global Plasma Solutions (GPS), more information about the ionization system is available at or in this informational video

View of the software management dashboard for monitoring the system: