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Facilities Planning

As we celebrate EHOVE having served the community for over 55 years, EHOVE is also looking toward the future for our students and the campus itself.  The majority of EHOVE’s infrastructure is the campus’ original construction, electrical, water, sewer, etc. from the 1960s.  

Two separate entities, the Ohio Facility Construction Commission and the Architectural Vision Group, each completed a thorough assessment of existing facilities and determined EHOVE has needed infrastructure replacements and upgrades throughout the campus for the next 50 years to come and with additional needs as follows:

  • programs to be added and reimagined to meet the 21st century jobs demands

  • several sections will be more expensive to repair than rebuild

  • the design of several original buildings did not provide adequate space to learn the skills needed for today’s students

  • safety would be improved by connecting buildings rather than having several standalone structures

EHOVE’s mission is to prepare the future workforce for in-demand careers through skilled hands-on education.  In a recent survey of the community, over 90% of respondents said career tech education is very important for students and EHOVE should expand its programs.  

To continue to meet the needs of our community and area business and industry now and in the future, a Facilities Planning Committee has formed.  Summaries of their meetings and findings will be published on this page for the community to stay updated.

Meeting Updates:

Questions? Contact the Business & Community Partnerships office at (419) 499-4663 x258.