Senior citizen Fall Festival

Wed, Sep 17 & Thu, Sep 18, 11 am-1 pm, EHOVE's new Science & Technology Center
Senior citizens are invited to attend this annual event to enjoy some great food and entertainment tailored just for them.  Tickets are $5 each and must be purchased in advance.  Find out all the event details.

Choose your Future

High School:  A limited number of openings remain for next year's high school programs.  Start your future now by applying.   Adult Ed:  Plenty of new opportunities await you with the latest list of programsFind the one that's right for you

The EHOVE Effect

Where can an EHOVE education take high school and adult students? The possibilities are endless!  Check out these stories from local alumni.

What is happening at EHOVE?

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Engineering Club Signup

EHOVE's Sport for the mind Club

Participants will learn all about aerodymanics,
rocketry and much more! 

CollegeCredit Classes

Some EHOVE students can earn college credits.

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