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EHOVE high school students who participate in the school’s Drug Free Leaders club attended a presentation by a local speaker with global experience, Carrie Boldman, Cedar Point’s Vice President and General Manager.  The students who are members of the club get the chance to participate in various fun events and professional opportunities that better prepare them for their future career and life.

In 2021, Huron native Boldman became the first woman to hold the Vice President and General Manager position in the park’s 150+ year history.  For the students, Boldman recounted her work experience of starting in a seasonal position at Cedar Point and working her way through her career.  Her experiences included roles at the area’s well-known business, The Chef’s Garden, and international positions with Disney before landing in her current role with Cedar Fair.

Stating that Cedar Point’s purpose is “To make people happy by inspiring fun and creating moments like no other!”, she tied how she makes that happen with important skills of communication, adaptability, relationships and hard work, all of which can help one achieve success in their future careers. 

“My main goal is to let the students know there are a lot of different career paths that people can take,” Boldman said. “Sometimes, it’s a straight line and sometimes it zigzags and you can still get to your destination.” 

She applies her own advice with her daughter, Mia, as well, who is a junior in the Education & Family Careers program at EHOVE.  Boldman shared that EHOVE is the perfect place for her daughter and said, “It is such an amazing thing to have a school such as this in our local area.”

EHOVE’s Drug Free Leaders is an optional leadership program offered to all EHOVE students. It provides them with the opportunity to learn about leadership, character and the community while participating in drug screening to maintain their membership.  Throughout the school year, members also participate in random, confidential drug testing. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • Daily early release from school

  • Rewards and gift cards from area businesses

  • Leadership training

  • Free breakfast and lunch opportunities with motivational/inspirational speakers. Last year's speakers included Army veteran and comedian Bobby Henline, and TikTok star Scott D. Henry who was the winner of CBS’ show, Tough as Nails.

PHOTO:  Carrie Boldman with her daughter, Mia Boldman