Each year, EHOVE students get the chance to participate in various extracurriculars that better prepare them for work and life in the 21st century and enhance their leadership skills. One such opportunity is the EHOVE Drug Free Leaders program. 

This optional leadership program offered to all EHOVE students  provides them with the opportunity to learn about leadership, character and the community while participating in drug screening to maintain their membership.  Throughout the school year, members participate in random, confidential drug testing. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • Daily early release from school
  • Rewards and gift cards from area businesses
  • Leadership training
  • Free breakfast and lunch opportunities with motivational/inspirational speakers. Last year's speakers included Army veteran and comedian Bobby Henline and TikTok/Tough as Nails star Scott D. Henry

This year’s kick-off event was held Sept. 6 and featured Union County Detective Seth McDowell, who presented on drug education; Union County Deputy Rich Crabtree, who provided youth with leadership information; and EHOVE Technology Department staff member Eric Scott, who shared his personal story of the loss of his family members to alcohol and drugs.