A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small scale workshop that houses a collection of commercially available computer controlled machines and tools that allow users around the globe to create just about anything. Unlike typical products that are mass-produced, Fab Lab products are created for a specific individualized purpose. Individuals are able to fabricate, test, and improve products without the need for large-scale, expensive manufacturing facilities.


The EHOVE Fab Lab is available to adult education students, high school students, and community members. It is a highly creative do-it-yourself atmosphere where users learn the skills to complete their own projects. 

  • Adult Education course uses project-based learning to introduce students to laser cutting and engraving, vinyl cutting, electronics, CNC machining, and other rapid prototyping processes. The latest class information is listed in the Adult Education Catalog.

  • High School courses allow students to learn about Fab Lab processes at introductory and comprehensive levels. Students from any career tech program can take this course as an elective.

  • Middle School students can learn about Fab Lab during Saturday Youth Enrichment courses in February or during Summer Camps in June.

  • Community members can work in the Fab Lab during open lab hours. A lab tech will be present to assist with machinery and/or software as available. However, it is strongly recommended that users take a training course to learn the machines and processes, as certain processes require certification.