EHOVE Adult Career Center is proud to announce the latest graduates from the Paramedic program.  Students learn advanced emergency medical care and transportation, and have the opportunity to gain real world experience by working at local hospitals or on ambulance crews.

Class of 2020 Graduates:

  • Calvin Redden – Plymouth (Perfect Attendance Award)
  • Andrew Dowell - Huron
  • Kegan Lobsinger - Huron
  • Ethan Seville - Huron
  • Amos Albright - Norwalk
  • Robert Maschari - Norwalk
  • Sophie Nawalaniec - Norwalk
  • Mathew Starcher - Norwalk
  • Jonathan Suter - Norwalk
  • Amber Cathcart – Sandusky
  • Chase Green - Sandusky

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in the next Paramedic program at EHOVE Adult Career Center, please find more information on the program's web page or call 419-499-4663.