Four women and food pantry

In another effort to support the needs of our students, EHOVE has partnered with OHgo to create a student food pantry.  The cabinet is stocked with food for our students in need, so they and their families do not have to go hungry in the evenings and on weekends.  Personal and feminine hygiene items are also available.

Students are encouraged to speak with any of the staff listed below and they will privately be given access to the pantry.  Anyone who is aware of a student in need of these services is also welcomed to contact the staff members.  

  1. Bayshore Counselor Jess Avants:, x345
  2. School Nurse Heather Cromwell:, x250
  3. EHOVE Counselor Nikki Herner:, x269
  4. EHOVE Counselor Wes Sanderson:, x248
  5. Guidance Office Secretary Melissa Stombaugh:, x355

OHgo is a local non-profit that provides mobile food pantry services, a bookmobile, fun community events, and other kindness services in Erie and Huron Counties.

In addition to the pantry, EHOVE staff have stocked a cabinet with a supply of winter coats, hats and gloves. These are also available to any student in need and can be acquired by contacting the staff members listed above.

PHOTO - Front Row (L-R):  OHgo Co-founder Kendra Faulkner, OHgo volunteers Allie Gutierrez and Jill Gies. Back:  EHOVE Guidance Secretary Melissa Stombaugh in front of the new, fully-stocked cabinet.