Everything EHOVE banner

EHOVE Career Center has launched a new website design and app! 


The exciting new design features all of the previous design's information, but separates major areas into sections on the site which each feature a Live Feed.  

The sections are High School, Adult Education and Home.  The Home section features all of the school's community services and everything that doesn't fit into the other two sections.  

Website users should first click on the section they want, then click on Menu at the top of the page.  A large menu will appear featuring all available options.  This menu replaces the traditional menu that pops out layer by layer.

Remember, pick a section, click Menu and click what you need.  Or, utilize the search function in the top right of the screen.

Live Feed is found at the bottom of the home page and displays customized updates from various staff about what's happening at EHOVE.  The feed is customized whether the website user is on the High School, Adult Education or Home page.


The new app can be downloaded by searching "EHOVE" in the App Store or Google Play Store.  Items in the app will match those found on the website, such as, news, calendars, lunch menu, staff directory and Live Feed.  Closing, delays and important announcements will also be pushed through the app.

Immediately after downloading the app, make sure to do these steps:

  1. Allow notifications when the prompt comes up
  2. Click on Settings to choose the default school to be either High School or Adult Education.  This will determine what primary items you'll see, like the calendar, etc.
  3. Below that, tap the circles for High School and/or Adult Education, depending on which schools you want to receive notifications about. Leave the one named EHOVE checked.