Not long ago, Deputy Hayden Service was a student at EHOVE. Now he’s returning to campus to join Deputy Kyle Winebrenner as a second School Resource Officer (SRO). Service's addition will ensure added protection across EHOVE’s campus.

As SRO, his goals are to set a good example, build trust, and develop good relationships with the students. His well-rounded experience in law enforcement and with students makes him the perfect fit.  

Service knew from a young age that he wanted to work in law enforcement, but he also considered becoming a teacher. He said the SRO position offers “the best of both worlds,” allowing him to guide students in “all aspects of life.”

Most recently, he worked for the Norwalk Police Department. Before that he had been employed by Erie County Sheriff's Office as a part-time corrections officer at the Erie County Jail and as a full-time road patrol deputy. He graduated from St. Paul High School in 2012 before taking classes at BGSU Firelands, and then graduated from EHOVE Adult Education’s Police Academy in 2015.

For the past several years, he has also been the assistant coach for St. Paul High School’s varsity football team, learning under Head Coach John Livengood, the same coach for which he played while in school.

EHOVE was the first school in which the Erie County Sheriff’s Office placed an SRO nearly 20 years ago. Superintendent Chris M. McCully said, “We are excited to expand our partnership with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to continue making the safety and well-being of our staff and students a top priority.”

Deputy Service and Deputy Winebrenner will be sharing the duties of covering the Welcome Center to monitor visitors on campus, manage student traffic before and after school, and be visible across campus.  They will also share the current SRO Office located across from the High School Office.