The Fast Forward program is a way for students who have attended high school for two years and have earned less than eight credits to get back on track for graduation and meet criteria to enter one of EHOVE's Career Tech programs. Get more information about this program and College Credit Plus options.


Students are scheduled for one 40 minute period with a Career Based Intervention (CBI) Instructor. The class will focus on:

  • Academic Intervention
  • Employability Skills
  • Career Awareness Activities

Academic classes may be a combination of traditional Academic Classroom instruction (80 minute block) and closely monitored Virtual Learning courses.

Who Can Apply?
  • Students who have attended high school for at least two years, but have earned less than eight academic credits.
  • Students who do not meet criteria to enter a career technical program at EHOVE.
  • Student, parent and the student's high school Counselor working with the EHOVE counselors to develop a two to three year plan for the student to earn the required credits for graduation and pass the Ohio Graduation Tests.
How To Apply
  • Student and parent complete a Fast Forward application available from their school counselor.
  • Associate school counselor submits the form along with the required student information including an initial credit recovery plan and transcripts to EHOVE Career Center.
  • After a review of the application packet, a meeting with the EHOVE Counselor, student, parent, and Associate School Counselor takes place to develop a Fast Forward Program plan.
  • Final Acceptance into the program requires approval by the Associate School Principals and EHOVE principals.

Karly Garcia, KGarcia@EHOVE.net, x239