All About the Program

Career Based Intervention is a work-based program for students who will benefit from working part-time during the regular school day. It is designed as an alternative for students who are in danger of dropping out of school or those who have quit and wish to return. This unique program uses the collaboration of the student, parent, employer and EHOVE to help students graduate from high school and be productive workers.

  • Opportunities: Paid Co-op Work Experiences approved by the instructor and be a minimum of 12 hours per week. Career Exploration through non-paid work-based learning experiences, job shadowing, volunteering and service learning activities.
  • Goals: Succeed in high school, Meet graduation requirements, Improve attendance, Enroll in a job training program or higher education facility, Attain full-time employment and Develop career goals.
  • Skills: Goal-setting, teamwork, ethics, career research, employability, leadership
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Karly Garcia, KGarcia@EHOVE.net, x239