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Health & Safety to All Employees:

It is our goal to work toward a safer and stronger EHOVE Career Center!

While providing a quality education is our core value, we must also make the safety of our students and staff our highest priority. We will maintain a safety and health program conforming to the highest standards and best practices of Ohio Schools.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment and employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices. Safety and health in our school district must be a part of every operation. Without question, it is every employee's responsibility at all levels.

Please join me in using this service to make our schools safer. Take the time to become familiar with the services provided, including support through the hotline 1-866-724-6650.

Thanks for your support!

Chris McCully
EHOVE Career Center

Physician Screening Form
Safety Training Online
Report an Employee Accident
Report an Employee Near-Miss Incident 
Report a Safety Hazard
Submit a Safety Suggestion
Get a Safety Data Sheet
Speak with a Safety or Chemical Specialist (1-866-724-6650)
Report Completing a Compliance Task Order Online
District Safety Plans, Policies & Procedures
District Safety Forms, Checklists, Tags & Labels
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Government Safety Regulations
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