Partner Schools

EHOVE and our Partner Schools Work Together to Provide Outstanding Education for Our Students

EHOVE Career Center is an extension of the educational programs of the sixteen participating associate districts. The option of intensive career/technical education at the EHOVE Career Center gives students a full range of educational choices.

Bellevue High School
Bellevue, Ohio

Norwalk High School
Norwalk, Ohio

Danbury High School
Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio

Perkins High School
Sandusky, Ohio

Edison High School
Milan, Ohio

Put-In-Bay School
Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Huron High School
Huron, Ohio

St. Mary Catholic Central
Sandusky, Ohio

Kelleys Island School
Kelleys Island, Ohio

St. Paul High School
Norwalk, Ohio

Margaretta High School
Castalia, Ohio

South Central High School
Greenwich, Ohio

Monroeville High School
Monroeville, Ohio

Vermilion High School
Vermilion, Ohio

New London High School
New London, Ohio

Western Reserve High School
Wakeman, Ohio