Think fast

EHOVE Criminal Justice senior Jameson Shuster (Vermilion HS) was honored with the Distinguished Cadet Award in a ceremony EHOVE on November 19.  Shuster earned the award through his actions during and after witnessing a car accident while on his way home from school. 

A nearby driver was experiencing a medical issue and began swerving on and off the road.  Not yet knowing the cause of the other driver’s actions, Shuster warned oncoming traffic with his horn and brights and immediately called 911.  The other driver scraped a telephone pole, drove through bushes and then into a creek.  

Shuster clearly and calmly conveyed relevant information to the 911 dispatcher.  He ran to the crashed vehicle to find that the driver was having symptoms of a medical condition (which will not be described here to respect his privacy).  Since the driver was unable to unlock his car doors, Shuster used his asp to break a rear window.  He and another witness then assisted the driver until EMS arrived on scene.

Crediting the training he has received in his Criminal Justice program at EHOVE, Shuster says it prepared him for such a situation.  He has earned CPR, First Aid and 911 dispatch certifications as part of his training.  “Without being in this class, I wouldn’t have known all of the things I needed to do,” he said.  “It all goes back to the training and scenarios we’ve worked through in class.  It has definitely opened up my eyes to the world.  The leadership opportunities have also helped me mature.”

He also gave a significant amount of credit to his instructors, Criminal Justice Instructor Jim Seaman and Forensic Investigations Instructor Jason Reel, for their quality training and applying their professional experience to help prepare the students.  Shuster says how they are passing their knowledge on to the next generation of first responders has impacted him and his classmates.  “They’ve worked out on the roads and have helped so many people, so they know what to do,” said Shuster.  “They know what to do so we are striving to eventually achieve what they have achieved.”

“I am proud of Cadet Shuster's actions,” said Seaman who has a long history of working locally as a police officer and teaches high school and adult ed students in the police training programs. “I commend him for his passion and desire to help others.  He is a great kid with unlimited potential.  His actions reflected both on himself as well as the EHOVE Criminal Justice program’s core values.  I look forward to seeing his accomplishments in the future.”

“He is a very focused young man who looks out for others,” said Reel who has worked as a police officer, firefighter, EMTP, arson investigator and SWAT member with area departments and also teaches courses at EHOVE like Seaman.

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After graduating from high school in the spring, Shuster will begin training to become a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy.  The skills he has already learned at EHOVE will certainly give him a jumpstart there as well.

PHOTO:  (L-R)  EHOVE Principal Erika Beckman, Assistant Director Charlie Warthling, Criminal Justice Instructor Jim Seaman, Criminal Justice student Jameson Shuster, Forensic Investigations Instructor Jason Reel, Jameson’s mother Stefanie Shuster, Superintendent Sharon Mastroianni.