Special Olympics Star

Article Published: 02/08/2017

EHOVE Job Connections student Max Parell is quite the skier.  He has the medals to prove it from being a strong competitor in Special Olympics skiing events for about 10 years; an impressive nine gold, seven silver and five bronze.

Max’s specialties are the giant slalom and downhill skiing events.  His mom, Julie Parell, is an avid skier who taught him the advanced skills needed for his events.  His dad, Al Parell, said Max’s practice has paid off because he has consistently improved each year.

Anyone who has skied knows that everyone crashes, no matter how good you are.  After a particularly “good” crash, Max told his dad he had a “Yard Sale,” meaning that he crashed so hard that he and his equipment were scattered out in all directions like disorganized items at a yard sale.

Bringing home medals from Special Olympics each year is Max’s goal.  But through a parent’s eyes, his dad sees what else it does for his son.  “Competition is always healthy but there’s more than that, like the friendships, self-esteem and physical exercise,” said Al.

Over the past 10 years, Max has earned 21 medals from bronze to gold.  At this year’s event held at Boston Mills Brandywine, he earned a 3rd place medal in giant slalom and a 4th place ribbon in downhill skiing.  He doesn’t have plans to stop competing, or winning, anytime soon.  “I love it,” said Max.  “Victory is the greatest.”

Competition photos and a video provided by Max’s family and friends are posted at www.Facebook.com/EHOVEworks.

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