Perfect Attendance Car Giveaway

EHOVE Career Center gave away a car to one lucky student as part of its Perfect Attendance Initiative on Friday.  Students qualify as having perfect attendance if they have no absences, no tardies and no suspensions.  48 EHOVE students have perfect attendance this school year.  16 have perfect attendance for both of their years at EHOVE.  

Perfect Attendance for Both Years at EHOVE
Ashley Brooks-BEHS
Felicia Cain-DAHS
Destiny Funk-EDHS
Wyatt Hofacker-HUHS
Steven Holliday-MAHS
Christopher Langjahr-NOHS
George Latteman-MOHS
Jared Morris-NLHS
Jacob Parker-VEHS
Wyatt Posey-BEHS
Chase Rexroad-EDHS
Jason (Nick) Shenefield-NOHS
Tyler Tomblin-NLHS
Chad Van Ness-PEHS
Aubrey Walters-EDHS
Eric Ward-MAHS

On May 8, during EHOVE’s Field Day, a day for the students to have fun with outdoor activities to celebrate a successful year, the drawing was held to find out which perfect attendance student would win.  It was done through an elimination process by the perfect attendance students themselves as they draw for smaller prizes like gift cards from $100-$200, an iPod Touch, iPad Mini and 39” Vizio TV.  The last remaining student was the winner of the car.  See the full album of photos.

This year, the winner was Industrial Tech student Tyler Tomblin (New London HS).  Besides having perfect attendance, Tomblin also has almost straight A’s.  Using the welding skills that he has learned in his Industrial Tech program at EHOVE, Tomblin was selected to become certified to weld on a solar trailer project for NASA Glenn in Cleveland.  “This is great recognition for Tyler,” said Communications Coordinator Kendra Ward.  “He is a great student with a great work ethic and attitude.  It’s already paying off for him by being certified to work on the NASA project and through winning the perfect attendance car.  It’s definitely going to pay off for him in his future career as well.”

Tomblin won a 2000 Ford Focus.  Auto Tech students replaced the engine.  Collision & Refinishing students performed body repairs and a new paint job.  A new windshield was donated by Akins Glass and other parts were donated by Jim’s Auto, both of Sandusky.

Getting a chance to win is simple, if students follow the basics.  Assistant Principal Rod Smith manages the attendance initiative.  “We start by having them focus on small goals like good weekly and monthly attendance,” he said.  “As we move on, the prizes get larger and we add in some mystery prizes to keep them motivated.”  

Smith says that it’s important for teens to get into the habit of good attendance before going to college or the workforce.  “Employers want workers who come to work every day and on time,” he said.  “At EHOVE, the chance to win prizes and the likelihood of having better grades are what happens when you have good attendance.  In the workforce, your rewards are earning a paycheck, sick time, vacation time, etc.”

A large number of local and regional businesses and organizations belong to EHOVE’s advisory boards for each of the career tech programs offered at EHOVE.  The members advise EHOVE on the latest industry needs and innovations to help EHOVE develop relevant curriculum for students in the career tech programs.  “Advisory members identify attendance as one of the biggest weaknesses of incoming workers,” said Smith. “Our goal is to have EHOVE students already be in the habit of having good attendance by the time they enter the workforce.”

“Be here, be on time, and make good decisions,” said Smith.  “That’s what we tell the students, but I think we’re finding success because we create a learning environment they enjoy.  EHOVE has a 99% graduation rate.  Students are here because they want to be, and they’re learning the skills to be successful in college and/or a career.”