Making the connection

EHOVE Visual Media Tech student Sarah Hall (Vermilion HS) wrote a letter to State Representative Chris Redfern as part of her Government/Economics class at EHOVE.  Redfern, who represents the 89th District of Ohio and much of the area served by EHOVE Career Center, thought the best way to answer her questions was in person, so he met with Hall and students from three classes at EHOVE on December 13.  “It’s important to me to go to all of the schools,” he said.  “EHOVE is a cornerstone of education in our community and that needs to be recognized.”

He talked about his role and responsibilities in government, discussed how legislators of every district should reach out to residents, and stressed the importance of voting for young people.  “Your opinion matters,” he said.  “Don’t think it doesn’t even for one moment.”

After discussing how government affects young people, he addressed questions posed by the students on the topics of gas prices, invasive species impacts, lowering the voting age, Internet access restrictions and more.   After his session with the students, Redfern talked with individuals who had more questions.  

A full album of the State Representative Redfern’s visit is available at