Lead, Serve & Inspire

During the first week of October, EHOVE students in the Teen Leadership Corps class collected $1625.77 from fellow EHOVE students and staff for Volley for the Cure.  The class has done this for the last four years in honor of Wilma “Dottie” Lawson, who died of breast cancer.  Lawson’s son, Todd, teaches the Career Exploration instructor at EHOVE.  This year, Todd and his daughter, Madi, presented the check to Cancer Services at her Perkins High School volleyball game on October 8.

“The Teen Leadership Corps class did an amazing job collecting for Perkins’ Volley for the Cure,” said Todd Lawson.  “Just a great connection and the students of EHOVE were so generous.”

Teen Leadership Corps is an elective course offered at many schools throughout northern Ohio.  The course empowers teens to achieve their leadership potential through a character and service-based curriculum.  More information is available at www.connectTLC.org.