CBI Instructor Wins State Award

Article Published: 05/12/2016

The Career Based Intervention Board of the Ohio Association of Career Technical Education organization recognized EHOVE’s Career Based Intervention (CBI) instructor Frank Gioffre during its Spring Conference on May 1 in Dublin.  Gioffre was selected as the recipient of the state award, Gold Star Coordinator.

Gioffre has been in the education field for 29 years.  Of those, 22 years have been as a CBI Instructor, where he can claim nearly 100% placement for his students. 

“Even though the job requires time and effort above and beyond the normal work requirements, such as checking on students and employers late at night and on weekends, he truly enjoys helping students find a job that fits their skills and needs,” said Assistant Director Charlie Warthling in the nomination form for Gioffre.  “He says it is also rewarding to help them solve other life problems by helping them with family service grants and programs, credit recovery and even life skills like getting a car fixed, finding an apartment or evening helping secure their next meal."

PHOTO:  (L-R) EHOVE Assistant Director Charlie Warthling, EHOVE CBI Instructor Frank Gioffre and Ohio ACTE CBI President Mathias Hauck