Applying it to the real world

Article Published: 04/06/2016

The construction field takes a lot of planning and organizing to get things done right and on budget.  Janotta & Herner wants to make sure that EHOVE students learn that early.  For the third consecutive year, the company conducted a competition where EHOVE students in the Construction Tech and Electrical Tech programs worked as teams to create a realistic bid for a building project.  Each team was challenged to include real detail about supplies, pricing and timeframe and much more, while also presenting the bid in a professional, quality manner.   

Janotta & Herner representatives judged the bids on everything from accuracy and how they were organized to proper pricing and realistic timelines.  The project on which the teams were bidding was based on a real shed building project happening right now at EHOVE.  As the need for qualified, trained workers in the trades increases, real-world projects such as these help students learn how to become good workers.  

This year’s winning team consisted of Construction Tech students Austin Scott (Western Reserve HS) and Brayden Albeitz (Edison HS), and Electrical Tech students Matthew Rooker (Vermilion HS) and Taylor Bishoff (Danbury HS).  Janotta & Herner awarded the team with $500 for their quality efforts and also donated $500 to EHOVE.

The team members all said they were excited about the win and agreed that the project was more eye-opening.  “It was harder and took longer than we thought,” said Scott.  “But I’m really glad we did it because it showed us how much really goes into it.”

“I emailed them to ask questions six times,” said Bishoff.  “There was so much more detail and I wanted it to be right.”

“This was really great because it gave us all a better idea of how it really goes in the job,” said Rooker.  “It’s so much better to learn now instead of later.”

After announcing the winner, it was also revealed to the students that Janotta & Herner will later consider hiring some of them in the summer.  “We like to support EHOVE and these valuable programs,” said Janotta & Herner Director of Public Relations Robb Harst.  “This gives the students a chance to get into the field early and see if it’s what they truly want.”  

“We have a large number of EHOVE graduates working at our company,” said Janotta & Herner Vice President Jason Ott, a 1989 alumnus of EHOVE’s Carpentry program, which is now called Construction Tech.  “Being immersed in the terminology and atmosphere before you start a career is a big advantage.”

“We think EHOVE is a valuable resource to the area,” said Harst.  “If you look at all the positions in our community, and then had EHOVE not be here, where would everyone get their labor force?”

PHOTO:  (L-R)  Janotta & Herner Vice President Jason Ott, Team Members:   Construction Tech student Austin Scott (Western Reserve HS), Electrical Tech students Matthew Rooker (Vermilion HS) and Taylor Bishoff (Danbury HS), and Janotta & Herner Director of Public Relations & Advertising Robb Harst.  Not pictured is team member Construction Tech student Brayden Albeitz (Edison HS).