Lifesaving skills tested

EHOVE Career Center EMT/Firefighter student Alysia Lloyd (Perkins HS) was late to school on December 15.  The usual excuses for being late to school are oversleeping, missed the bus, etc.  Lloyd’s reason for being late was a little different.

While tying her shoes, and about to leave for school (on time), Alysia saw her grandmother, Margaret Lloyd, holding her throat and in obvious distress.  Margaret was choking on her peanut butter breakfast bagel. 

According to Margaret, who is now fine after the incident, “Alysia didn’t panic.  She just turned me around, did the Heimlich and told me to cough.” 

After several attempts, the sticky peanut butter partially dislodged and Margaret was able to cough and breathe.  Alysia stopped the procedure to call 911.  While she was doing so, the food moved and again blocked Margaret’s airway.  Margaret’s daughter and Alysia’s mother, Kathleen Lloyd, next performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the food. 

Groton Township Fire Department and North Central EMS quickly responded to the call and ensured that Margaret was fine and had suffered no permanent damage.  “She’s totally okay now,” said Alysia.  “She’s already back to shopping and working out.”

Alysia learned the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, first aid and lifesaving techniques as part of her training in EHOVE’s EMT/Firefighter program.  “I’m very proud of what she’s learned this year and last year,” said Margaret.  “Thanks to the skills she acquired at EHOVE, she was able to get me breathing again.”

Also through her EMT/Firefighter program at EHOVE, Alysia has completed the training for her Fire I card and will soon have also done so for her Fire II card and EMT certification. 

She is a lifeguard at Rain Water Park in Sandusky and is a Cadet firefighter at Groton Township Fire Department, the same department who first answered the 911 call.

EHOVE staff weren’t aware of Alysia’s actions until Groton Township Fire/EMT Chief Kerry Jett contacted the school.  “I wanted to be sure they knew why she was late so she wouldn’t be penalized,” he said. 

Alysia only recently became a Cadet on December 4.  “They get an opportunity to work with equipment, ride in the trucks, get hands on training and perform limited tasks because they’re still learning,” said Jett.

Kathleen also attended EHOVE in high school for the Criminal Justice program.  She previously worked in law enforcement in Toledo, Ohio, and is now working for Wynn-Reeth as a Home Care Supervisor.