Real experience

EHOVE Adult Career Center values supporting local area businesses and providing students opportunities to connect with local area businesses.  Students in the Medical Assistant program visited Advanced Neurologic Associates (ANA), partaking in an off-campus medical assisting simulation night with Patrick McNea, Director of Operations for ANA.

Physicians see 30-40 patients a day at Advanced Neurologic Associates, and Medical Assistants are sought after.  “We hire from EHOVE primarily and welcome students to do their clinicals here,” said McNea.  “ANA supports EHOVE’s program.  The quality of the program is very good.  ANA physicians do things to help grow the program.”  

Advanced Neurologic Associates physicians have been working with EHOVE Career Center for 12 years.   Current medical staff include Drs. Danner, Benedict, B. Bauer, W. Bauer and Yassine, and Nurse Practitioners Rodriguez and Graziani.

EHOVE Medical Assistant student Stephanie Hillis (Sandusky) explained that her class is getting ready to go into practicum sites (200 hours) and attending Advanced Neurologic Associates Off-Campus Medical Assisting Simulation Night is great practice to help prepare her.  “This experience makes it one step closer to the real thing,” said Hillis.  “It’s an educational experience, and it makes it more real.”

“This opportunity is going to be able to give us acknowledgement of what to do when we work for a physician’s office-clinicals, vital signs, office work and more,” she said.  “The most valuable thing I have learned from EHOVE’s Medical Assistant program is to be strong, don’t give up, always keep going, and the instructors will go above and beyond for us.  I have already recommended this program to people.  EHOVE will make them successful.” 

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in the next EHOVE Adult Career Center Medical Assistant program, contact EHOVE at 419-499-4663 x280 More information about the program is available here.