Nation of Makers

Article Published: 08/03/2016

Calling all manufacturing or industrial-related employers!

We’ve always been a nation of makers who invent, design and build everything.  Northeast Ohio manufacturing continues to be a significant economic driving force that support families across the region, but there continues to be a shortage of skilled workers amongst many local employers within this industry.  EHOVE Career Center is joining forces with Erie County Economic Development Corporation and Huron County Development Corporation to help the area overcome this shortage.

A showcase event is being planned now that will teach area youth about viable manufacturing and industrial career pathways.  At this interactive, hands-on day, hundreds of area students will learn about skillsets and what it takes to pursue careers in this industry.  Activities simulating techniques in welding, electrical, assembly, CNC and robotics will be highlighted. 

Area manufacturing or industrial-related employers are encouraged to participate in this opportunity to show and tell the real story of what it’s like to work in manufacturing, and to correct misconceptions about these jobs.  To join the effort, interested employers in these fields are asked to register for the September planning meeting by contacting EHOVE Business Partnership Coordinator Elaine Colvin at 419-499-4663 x344 or