Learning vital skills

Hands-on training is in an integral part of training at EHOVE Adult Career Center.  As part of their program, students in the Firefighter I and Firefighter/Transition I programs participate in real world fire training exercises at a training center on EHOVE’s campus.  The center is equipped to handle a variety of training exercises to simulate real situations they may face, including a vehicle fire or a building filled with smoke from an active fire.

Chris Alcala (Milan) volunteers at the Milan Township Fire Department and is currently enrolled in the Firefighter/Transition I program.  “EHOVE’s program is very good,” said Alcala.  “We have different instructors that bring their unique perspectives to the school.” 

At a session in November, students practiced Mayday Drills, which are designed to teach them what to do if a firefighter goes down.  They worked on one and two minute drills, where they are timed as they quickly don their equipment.  Next, they practiced Sound and Rescue, where they search for victims and remove them from the building.  Finally, they concluded their training for the day with a Ladder Maze which involves climbing and setting all fireground ladders. 

“Trainees must complete six laps:  two in Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), two with PPE and the Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) but not breathing air, and two with PPE/SCBA and breathing air,” said EHOVE Fire Training Coordinator Jamie Starcher.  “It is a pretty physically demanding training event.”

Students are now preparing for live Fire Training in December and January.  “The training here is great,” said Dave Mordarski (Cleveland).  “EHOVE puts us through real-world stuff.” 

“The instructors give great training and bring a lot of knowledge and years of experience,” said Si Judy (Sandusky).

To see photos from the training, go to www.Facebook.com/EHOVEfire.  If you or someone you know would like to enroll in the next Firefighter program, please contact EHOVE Adult Career Center at 419-499-4663 x280.