Great showing at FCCLA State

Two EHOVE Career Center students made their mark at a recent state competition for FCCLA in Columbus at the end of April.

FCCLA (Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America) is an association of Family and Consumer Science students.  FCCLA allows students to participate in community service projects, social chapter activities and competitive events that further their knowledge of skills in their career field.

Early Childhood Education students Nate Cruz and Morgan McLane, both of Margaretta HS, each earned a gold medal and trophy from their competitions.  Cruz placed first in the Teacher Resource Assessment kit category which earned him a $6000 scholarship.  “These competitions are great experiences,” he said.  “They show colleges that I’m capable of fulfilling what they need me to be as a student.  They also are a great opportunity to learn from others, teach others and develop good leadership skills.”

McLane competed in the Early Childhood Star category and also earned gold, finishing with a 97.5% score and a $4000 scholarship.  Although she earned gold, which is based on the competitor’s percentage-based score, she placed second overall.  In another twist, McLane will compete at the national FCCLA competition, but Cruz won’t because his category isn’t offered at the national level.

Being the first EHOVE student to advance to the national competition surprised McLane a bit, she admits.  “It hasn’t clicked yet, but that’s okay,” she said.  “I just am happy that I can represent my EHOVE program.  I think it is important and a big part of our community.  Things we do at the competitions will reflect the future of our students.”

Cruz’s career goal is to become a teacher and coach after double majoring in sports management and early childhood education in college, most likely at BGSU Firelands.  McLane will also double major, but in early childhood education and Spanish at Ashland University.