EHOVE's Been Googled

Article Published: 02/08/2017

Google has developed into a valuable resource, actually a long list of resources, for teachers, students and the education world as a whole.  Google’s innovative, timesaving, accessible-anywhere applications are replacing methods that previously were large expenses for schools.  They cover a multitude of topics and methods including ideas from other teachers on the incredible things they’re doing with Google in their classroom, forums to connect and discuss with other educators, classroom communication tools, student project assigning/submitting, curriculum and much more.

Like technology in general, the resources, updates and new features sometimes come at a dizzying pace so it’s important for someone in the know to manage their rollout and training of teachers, staff and students.  EHOVE Career Center’s I.T. Department has gained an expert way to make that happen.

EHOVE Technology Integration Specialist Chelsea Moyer became one of only 526 trainers worldwide who were selected from the most recent cohort to become a Google for Education Certified Trainer.  Thousands applied by completing education-focused training sessions, taking an exam and submitting documentation of their training methods.  After reviewing each applicant, Google selected the small number of applicants to earn the certification.

Through a process that took about a year, Moyer submitted handouts and a video of one of the weekly staff training sessions she conducts.  She is joined by newly certified trainers in the U.S. as well as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

Even before earning this impressive certification, Moyer was already creating inspiring and effective training sessions, but as a certified trainer she will now have advance access to Google’s latest updates and new resources to provide much more.  As an example, she now has access to over 1000 lesson plans which she is currently reviewing and plans to match up with EHOVE teachers. 

“Google’s professional development program is meant to help trainers successfully implement Google in the classroom,” said Moyer.  “This opens up so many new ideas so I can teach new things in new ways.”

One of her first goals is helping EHOVE teachers become Google Certified Educators through training to prove their expertise from the fundamentals and beyond.  “The more comfortable teachers are using Google, the better they’re able to teach their students.”

Moyer will be listed in Google’s official education directory to provide support of Google’s services to other schools.  Now that she’s accomplished this impressive certification, she’s already looking to what’s next and plans to pursue becoming a Google Certified Innovator.