Getting the right experience

EHOVE Adult Career Center Cosmetology students enjoy what they are learning in their program and the opportunities for real world experience.  Students are working at their internship sites, learning and applying their skills in preparation for the state boards.

Cosmetology student Joanna Dominguez (Norwalk) is enjoying her real-world experience at Krislyn Klamar’s Salon in Norwalk.   This is the salon’s first year of inviting an EHOVE cosmetology student to practice their skills in a real salon.  Owners Kris Wilson and Joanna Wechter enjoy having Joanna at their salon.  “She’s great and doing very well,” said Wilson.  “She is a joy to work with.”  

Dominguez currently may only practice her skills on family and friends at no charge, but she is excited as they come in to help her build her new clientele.  “My favorite part of my internship are my clients and practicing my skills learned at EHOVE,” said Dominguez.  “My internship at Krislyn Klamar’s Salon is giving me a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience in a real-setting.”

One thing Dominguez has observed in her internship is that each stylist has their own technique.  She enjoys watching their creativity and style, while they share tips with her that help her build on the foundation of skills she’s already learned.  “I feel EHOVE’s Cosmetology program has done a great job preparing me,” she said.  
They have covered all scenarios that you could come across in a beauty salon.”  

After students complete their internship, they will be preparing for the state board.  Students in the program graduate this September.  To see what the students have been experiencing throughout their training, check out photos and more at

If you or someone you know would like to enroll for the next Cosmetology program, contact EHOVE Adult Career Center at (419) 499-4663 x280.  More information is available at