Gallery of Success & Fall Advisory

Article Published: 11/02/2016

To make sure the training that EHOVE students receive is relevant to today’s workplace and meets the needs of local employers, EHOVE has developed strong partnerships with a large number of businesses throughout Erie, Huron and Ottawa Counties.  Consistent input in the form of advisory committees from the local businesses in each industry keeps the training on pace with the local economy.

On Tuesday, November 1, professionals representing over 30 area businesses gathered to discuss the skills that students are learning, tools they’re using, connections they’re making and more in each career field at EHOVE’s annual Fall Advisory event.

Four area individuals were inducted into EHOVE Career Center’s Gallery of Success.  From a group of nominated EHOVE alumni, inductees were selected on how they have excelled in their career field, started or expanded their own company, and/or have taken an active role to make our world a better place to live.

This year’s inductees are Janotta & Herner Vice President Jason Ott, Carl’s Complete Car Care Owner Carl Parr, Cedar Point Landscape Supervisor Martha Beverick, and Stein Hospice Director of Nursing Michael Marsh.  A full album of photos from Fall Advisory and the Gallery of Success Induction is viewable with or without a Facebook account at

Class of 1982—High School Horticultural Program

Martha’s decision to come to EHOVE started her on the right career path.  She credits her career tech teachers, Dean Sheldon and Neal Leimbach for always believing in her and being a huge influence on where she is today.

After graduation, Martha earned her Associate’s Degree in Greenhouse Management from Ohio State ATI in Wooster.  She initially worked out of state but decided to moved back to the area.

For the past 21 years Martha has been employed by Cedar Point.  She worked as a landscape foreman and was promoted to the Landscape   Supervisor four years ago.  Martha is responsible for designing the beds and maintaining the property and the park, hotels, cabins and campsites which is admired by thousands of visitors every day.  She works with a team of 21 landscapers and 6 full time mowers.

She met her husband at EHOVE and has been married for 25 years, has two daughters and lives in Marblehead.

Martha was nominated by Karen and Neal Leimbach for her outstanding accomplishments.


Class of 2008—Adult Ed Licensed Practical Nursing Program

Mike considers himself a non-traditional student because he was over 30 years old when he returned to school.  Married with a family, he made a life changing decision to come to EHOVE for a new career in nursing.  Mike feels EHOVE impacted his career significantly and gave him a great start to where he is today.

After he completing his LPN program, he continued his education to become a Registered Nurse.  Mike will have his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in April.

Mike has been employed by Stein Hospice for 5 years.  He started as case manager and is now the Director of Nursing.  He is also the guardian with Honor Flight to honor veterans which he says is truly a wonderful experience.  Mike is known for his compassion for the clients he serves at hospice and the support he provides to his staff.

Mike was chosen as the first “Nurse of the Year” award recipient at our 25th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Nursing this past April.  He is very proud to be part of EHOVE’s nursing program.

Mike and his wife reside in Castalia with their two children.  Mike was nominated by Janet Ballard, Director of Allied Health/School of Nursing.  His professionalism, knowledge and leadership abilities have benefited our community.


Class of 1989—High School Carpentry Program

Jason went to EHOVE to get a head start on his career.  He credits his instructors, Bob Wilhelm, Jr. and the late Ray Clark for sharing their knowledge and fine skills that can otherwise take years to learn on your own.

After leaving EHOVE, he completed courses and certifications related to his career field and is certified as structural welder, installer and inspector.

Shortly after graduation, Jason went to work at Janotta & Herner.  He started as a carpenter and laborer, then promoted to Superintendent, Field Coordinator and Executive Director of Construction.  Jason is now Vice President of Construction.  He leads construction crews of over 110 people, assists the company to oversee over 500 construction projects a year and is an integral part of the Janotta & Herner management team to guide the future of the company.  He also oversees Janotta & Herner’s scholarship program/real work job competition for EHOVE’s Electrical and Construction Tech students.

Jason says he is proud that Janotta & Herner has hired several EHOVE graduates with two of his top Superintendents that were trained at EHOVE.

Jason lives in Norwalk and has been married for 18 years with four children.  He was nominated by Matt Ehrhardt, EHOVE Assistant Director for his outstanding leadership and service to our community.


Class of 2004—High School Auto Body Program

Carl attended EHOVE to start a career after finishing high school.  He says that EHOVE gave him knowledge and skills in the auto field to help him advance in his career.  He credits his instructors Jim Linder and Duane Koch for always being supportive and helpful, noting they always pushed him to improve himself to excel in his career.

In high school, Carl job shadowed at a shop in New London.  Now, he is the owner of that shop. 

Carl earned his Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology from WyoTech in Pennsylvania then worked for a few years before he came back to the shop in New London.  After working there for six years, he purchased the business now known as Carl’s Complete Car Care, which specializes in tires, alignments, full collision shop and most everything automotive.  His customers rave about the high quality of work completed at the shop.  Carl’s Complete Car Care is also a proud employer of an EHOVE graduate.

Carl is married with three children and lives in Steuben.  He is very active in the New London community, supporting local charities and sports teams.  Carl was nominated by Mike Price for his accomplishments and service to his community.