EHOVE’s garage sale proceeds fund community service projects

by Kendra Ward : September 01, 2010

The numbers are in.  EHOVE Career Center’s huge garage sale, Trash to Treasure, brought in a whopping $3100.  It couldn’t have been done without all of the generous donations by the community.  EHOVE sold your old knick-knacks, books, dishes, appliances, toys, exercise equipment and pianos!   A heartfelt thank you from EHOVE to all who donated their items and/or their time, and to the many folks who stopped by the campus to make purchases for a good cause.  

EHOVE wants to put those funds right back out into the community.  Proceeds from the sale are sent to special accounts set up for community service projects by EHOVE students and staff.  One example that has made a difference in the lives of many is the Phil Seker Helping Hand Fund.  This resource is named after one of EHOVE’s founding fathers that was well known for his generosity to others in need and community spirit.  The Seker Fund has provided holiday meals to local families experiencing tough times, provided food and supplies to animal shelter and rehab facilities, purchased school supplies for disadvantaged high school students, and many other worthy causes for your neighbors and community.

A bake sale featuring baked goods donated by EHOVE staff sold out before Noon and brought in $285 for another fund called Lora’s Legacy, named for retired Adult Education Counselor  Lora Unger. This mission of this fund is to help EHOVE’s Adult Education students complete their education by helping those in urgent situations.  Since its inception in 2005, the fund has helped students in need with expenses for books, tuition, uniforms, certifications testing and much more.  

Donations to these funds throughout the year are always welcomed.  If you’d like to contribute, please send donations to EHOVE Career Center, 316 W. Mason Rd., Milan, OH  44846.  Make checks payable either to Seker Fund and send to the attention of Donna Jones, or payable to Lora’s Legacy and send to the attention of Deb Presser.  For more information, go to or call EHOVE at 419-627-9665 x215.

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A view of the dozens of tables filled with items for sale at EHOVE Career Center’s Trash to Treasure sale that the high school and adult ed facility holds annually to benefit its community outreach programs. Items are donated by the community and proceeds are used in community service projects by EHOVE staff and students.