EHOVE Team Member Update

Several EHOVE staff members who have recently joined the school’s team or shifted into a new position attended the new staff induction on August 10. 

New Staff

  • Sean Eschen – High School Firefighter/EMT Instructor
  • Jennifer Moore – High School Spanish Teacher
  • Teri LaGuardia – Adult Ed Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor
  • Janine Leimeister – High School Intervention Specialist
  • Hanna Below – High School Science Teacher
  • Wesley Sanderson – High School Guidance Counselor
  • Tim Knoll – High School Diesel Tech Instructor
  • Elaine Colvin – Community Partnership Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Becher – Assistant Director
  • Becky Bernard – Career Services Coordinator

Staff Changes

  • Erika Beckman – former Assistant Director, now Principal
  • Kelly Bodkin – former Forensic Investigations Instructor, now Assistant Director
  • Katie Fox – former Adult Ed Massage Therapy Coordinator, now High School Science Teacher

Not pictured

  • Connie Bunn – High School Intervention Specialist
  • Nikole Chaffee – High School Guidance Counselor
  • Tony Dauch – School Resource Officer
  • Jason Reel – former High School Firefighter/EMT Instructor, now Forensic Investigations Instructor
  • Noah Rasor – former Fab Lab Coordinator, now High School Engineering & Manufacturing Instructor
  • Tricia Rosekelly – former High School Guidance Counselor, now Career Services Consultant