EHOVE students honored

As the school year approaches a close, students are being recognized for their hard work and dedication.  On May 7, EHOVE held two recognition ceremonies to do just that. 

The first was a National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) induction ceremony for 47 EHOVE students.  NTHS honors career tech student achievement and leadership, promotes educational excellence, awards scholarships and enhances career opportunities.  Each individual being inducted was involved with a candle-lighting ceremony with EHOVE Counselor Tricia Rosekelly and 23 current NTHS members from EHOVE.

The popular ceremony known as Awards Night followed the induction with 155 EHOVE students receiving scholarships and/or one or more of the following awards:  American Citizenship Award, EHOVE Award of Excellence, EHOVE Award of Achievement, President’s Award of Academic Excellence, President’s Award of Educational Achievement.

Several students received scholarships that will assist them in college and additional training after graduation.  EMT/Firefighter student Nathan Zeck (Huron HS) received a $1500 scholarship to continue his education at EHOVE Adult Career Center in the paramedic program.  “A lot of hard work paid off,” he said.  “When you put a lot into something, it’s nice to have it work out in a good way.”

Visual Media Tech student Joshua Burris (Bellevue Sr. HS) and Health Tech student Alexis Kreager (Norwalk HS) were the Medical Mutual of Ohio Scholarship winners.  Each received a $250 scholarship and plans to utilize the funds toward college next year. 

Kreager plans to attend University of Toledo to study to become a pharmacist. “I’m very humbled that I was considered and am very grateful for being selected,” she said.

Burris plans to attend Cedarville University to study journalism.  “This is great,” he said.  “I will definitely use this to buy books next year.”

A large number of photos of the students and the ceremonies can be viewed at  Having a Facebook account is not required to view the photos.