Medical Assistant students practice interviews

EHOVE Adult Career Center Medical Assistant students participated in 10-minute sessions of speed interviewing with community employers who give feedback to the students obtaining multiple interviews. 

“I really think this has made a huge difference in their employability,” said Medical Assistant Instructor Tonya Lloyd.  “Students receive positive criticism, maximizing their confidence while receiving tips when it comes to interviewing.” 

Community employers included:  Erie County Success for Youth, Fisher Titus Medical Center, EHOVE, Norwalk City Schools, BGSU Firelands, Northwest Primary Care, EHOVE/Great Lakes Rehab, Olgesby, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mercy Hospital.  

Medical Assistant student Bonnie Stintsman (Port Clinton) felt very grateful for the speed interviewing event.  “I absolutely feel EHOVE is taking all the steps in their program to prepare us for our career,” said Stintsman.  “We have covered so many details that you would come across in a hospital or clinical setting, including how to properly interview.”

Medical Assistant student Christina LaMarca (Sandusky) received some good valuable tips.  “The most valuable tip I learned during speed interviewing is to be prepared, know your strengths and weaknesses,” said LaMarca.  “I feel more confident going into an interview now, and I know the proper things to say.  EHOVE instructors work very well with me, and are always there to help. I would recommend EHOVE to anyone.” 

“I feel tonight really helped, and I feel more confident to interview.  I really appreciate and value everyone’s time tonight,” said Medical Assistant student Haylie Stockmaster (Norwalk). 

“This was a great experience and I feel very confident about interviewing and good about going into the workforce,” said Medical Assistant student Trudi Baaske (Huron). 

“Speed interviewing has helped prepare me in knowing what to expect in an actual interview,” said Medical Assistant student Rachel Warren (Vermilion). 

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PHOTO:  (L-R) Julie Riley of Norwalk City Schools and Dale Hopkins of Oglesby Construction interview Medical Assistant students Nicholas Reidy and Brittany Sandridge.