There's something about EHOVE

When it comes to fire chiefs in our area, it seems that EHOVE Adult Career Center is in many of their training histories.  EMS Training Coordinator Chris Hafley and Fire Training Coordinator Jamie Starcher put together a list that just kept growing:  Tiffin Fire Rescue Division Chief Kevin Veletean, Shelby FD Chief Mike Thompson, Goshen Township FD Chief Paul Hasenmeier, Wakeman Fire Assistant Chief Sean Eschen, Milan Township FD Chief Brian Rospert, Willard FD Assistant Chief Doug Coletta, Allen Clay Joint Fire District Chief Denny Hartman and Lakeside FD Chief Keith Kahler.

Milan Township Fire Department Chief Brian Rospert has worked in the firefighting career field for 29 years and has enhanced his training over the last several years through courses at EHOVE Adult Career Center.  “Going through the fire inspector course helped me realize the laws, how to implement them and put them to use at fire inspections,” he said.  “The fire instructor course enabled me in different techniques in how to train people.  It rounded me when I was a fire captain and now chief through the extra knowledge I gained.  EHOVE was instrumental.”

Wakeman Fire District Assistant Chief Sean Eschen has been in the career field for 23 years.  He trained at the Ohio Fire Academy and National Fire Academy, but chose to also enroll in several fire and EMS career enhancement courses at EHOVE.  Since he is also EHOVE’s instructor of the Firefighter/EMT program in the high school, he also makes the most of EHOVE as a local resource by keeping his training up-to-date through the many courses that are available.  “All of my state certifications have been through my EHOVE training, even refresher and CEUs.”

Tiffin Fire & Rescue Division Chief Kevin Veletean has been in the field for about 15 years and was appointed chief in September.  His training at EHOVE included the occupational training programs and career enhancement courses.  “Just because you become a chief doesn’t mean you stop learning,” he said.  “Because of the speed that fire and EMS services change, you have to be able to do your part, lead others efficiently and succeed in the mission of your organization.”

Goshen Fire and EMS Deputy Chief Paul Hasenmeier has also been in the field for 15 years.  He earned a Bachelor degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University and a Master of Public Administration from Capella University, but also credits his experiences as an EHOVE EMS & fire instructor.  “Some of the teaching I did there kept me connected with people, kept me in the books learning,” he said.  “Learning more through teaching helped me move up through the early ranks.”

Shelby Fire Department Chief Mike Thompson is also a 15 year veteran of the firefighter career field, with seven years as a volunteer under his belt.  He attended EHOVE’s Fire Instructor program to gain more experience.  Prior to becoming a firefighter, he worked as a schoolteacher after earning a Bachelor degree in disabilities education from Muskingum University.  “The class at EHOVE was beneficial because of the content but also because I was learning from others and their styles of learning,” he said.  “Any class is beneficial.  You’re going to learn something, maybe even a different perspective.  You’ll never know where it’ll take you.”

EHOVE offers beginner training programs to get people started in a firefighter or EMS career, as well as advanced training classes to help them advance in their careers.  Occupational programs include emergency medical technician (EMT), paramedic, advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT), and firefighter I and firefighter II.  Some of the career enhancement courses are EMT, paramedic or AEMT refresher/transition, emergency medical responder, tactical emergency medical support, volunteer firefighter, fire safety inspector and public safety instructor. 

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling, check out our latest catalog or contact EHOVE Adult Career Center at 419-499-4663 x280.