Facility Project Update - January 2014

The landscape at EHOVE Career Center is changing.  In the summer of 2013, work began on a facility improvement project to expand and enhance the career tech and academic facilities.  In recent weeks, the structure has taken shape as roofs are being completed, floors have been poured and many windows have been installed.  

Operations Director Dave Jenkins reports that work is progressing on schedule.  He says that many interior walls have been completed, fire suppression and HVAC are being installed, electrical rough is nearly complete, data and A/V wiring has been started, and ceiling grid, finish paint and remodeling in the existing facility will start soon.   The interior color scheme has been selected and the remaining interior finishes will be finalized soon.

 “The project has gotten very exciting in the last couple of weeks,” said Operations Director Dave Jenkins.  “There are now enough walls in place to see how each space is going to come out.  The vision we had for the new space has become a reality.” 

The goal for this important project is clear:  provide high school and adult students with the most up-to-date learning environment in the timeliest and most economical means possible for our taxpayers. This project is narrowly focused and only addresses EHOVE’s immediate programming needs and provides the latest training programs for in-demand jobs right here in our local area. 

EHOVE has developed a plan with Poulos & Schmid Design Group of Sandusky to build a structure that will connect two existing buildings on campus. The 66,700 sq. ft. new and renovated area will be outfitted with the latest equipment for our high school and adult students and house 12 high-tech classrooms, 5 state-of-the-art science labs, a new multi-purpose room, 5 flexible spaces for use by the community and staff, technology training and support areas, student study areas, as well as reconfigured office spaces for the Adult Education Department and the District Administration.

The cost of construction is capped at $8.41 million under the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) agreement that was signed with EHOVE’s construction manager at risk (CMR), The Adena Corporation.  The CMR form of bidding was made possible by recent regulatory changes that reformed the construction rules for publically funded projects.  The project has been funded by the issuance of Certificates of Participation (COPS) in the amount of $7.5 million. The EHOVE Board of Education has also set aside $1 million in the Permanent Improvement Fund.  No new levies were requested to fund the project.

EHOVE is working extensively with local professionals and suppliers on this project, which has created construction, electrical and HVAC jobs for local workers, some of whom are EHOVE graduates.  Completion of the project will be phased in with the first areas ready for students and staff by early spring 2014.  The entire project is scheduled to be completed by June 2014.

Exterior renderings, use of space diagrams and more details about the project are available online.  Regular updates and the latest photos are released via www.EHOVE.net and www.Facebook.com/EHOVEworks. Community members interested in seeing the project are welcomed to visit EHOVE to view the progress.  More information is also available by calling (419) 499-4663.