EHOVE Adult Career Center receives accreditation

The Council on Occupational Education (COE) has granted accreditation to EHOVE Adult Career Center for a period of six years.  The award of accreditation status is based on an evaluation to demonstrate that the institution meets not only the standards of quality of the Commission, but also the needs of the students, the community, and employers.

The Commission’s evaluation process includes an extensive self-study by the institution and an intensive review by a visiting team of professional educators representing the Commission’s member institutions from other states. 

EHOVE began its self-study in July 2013 and underwent a COE team visit in September 2014. “We are very proud of the Commission’s action to grant EHOVE six years of accreditation,” said EHOVE Executive Adult Director Ben Chaffee, Jr.  “The hard work and commitment of our adult career center faculty and staff are a positive match to the Commission’s values of quality and integrity in career and technical education.”

Chaffee also boasted of the great support demonstrated by the EHOVE Board of Education and administration as well as the support and cooperation of business and industry partners throughout the accreditation process.

As part of the evaluation, EHOVE’s expanded and updated adult education training areas were reviewed.  These areas have been outfitted with the latest equipment to meet EHOVE’s immediate needs to provide the latest training programs for in-demand jobs in our area.  No new levies were requested to fund the project. 

The Council on Occupational Education, based in Atlanta, Georgia, offers quality assurance services to postsecondary technical education providers across the nation.  Organized as a non-profit corporation, the mission of the Council is to assure quality and integrity in career and technical education.  Services offered include institutional accreditation (recognized by the U.S. Department of Education), program quality reviews for states and technical education providers, and informational services.  Most of the Council’s work is carried out by qualified professional volunteers who are experts in technical education. 

The core values of trustworthiness, transparency, accountability, commitment, flexibility, planning and sharing provide the foundation for the Council’s mission, goals and objectives.  Through the accreditation process, the Council seeks to stimulate the validation of job skills, portability and certification of skills, placement of graduated in related jobs, facilitation of partnerships to compete in the global economy and links among employers, policymakers, business and industry, labor and other parties with vital interests in technical education.  For more information, go to