Coming from far & wide for training

EHOVE Adult Education Practical Nursing instructor Bridget Murphy MSN, BSN, RN with the assistance of Denise Hollenbaugh, RN,  Cheri Slingwine, RN, Chris Koehler, RN, and Margo Barnett, RN are instructing 23 nurses whose licenses are from three different states, Ohio, Michigan and Florida. The nurses are attending EHOVE Adult Career Center's 40 hour Intravenous Therapy (IV) Course for Nurses.

The course consists of six full day sessions for which some of the students are traveling as much as 135 miles each way to take the program. The nurses are learning up-to-date skills and techniques as well as the scope of practice for the LPN in Ohio in relation to IV Therapy.  Some of the nurses are taking this course as a pre-requisite to an Ohio RN program, while others are required to take the course to gain licensure in the State of Ohio.

There has been a recent increase in the request for the program due to Michigan LPN’s looking to meet the entrance requirements RN programs just across the Ohio border. The course is approved for 40 contact hours by the Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio and has been offered to nurses for the past 15 years. The number of locations for this course has diminished across the State of Ohio because the IV therapy content has been mandated by Ohio law to be included in the practical nurse curriculum since 2009. EHOVE has included IV Therapy in the practical nursing curriculum since 2004. For information regarding the next course, please call ext 419-499-4663 x373.