Advancing in their careers

Congratulations to the graduates of EHOVE Adult Career Center’s Advanced EMT, Paramedic and Firefighter programs.

Firefighter students learn search and rescue techniques, fire attack skills, leadership and more.  Paramedic and Advanced EMT students expand their knowledge of the skills necessary to provide emergency medical care to the sick and injured. 

All students also have the opportunity to work with area fire departments, medical facilities and professionals in the career field.  Graduates are eligible to test for the certifications they need to start a new career or advance in their current job. 

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling the next Advanced EMT, Paramedic or Firefighter training programs, contact EHOVE Adult Career Center at 419-499-4663 x280.

Advanced EMT Graduates:

  • Jessie Cains – Ashland
  • David Gibbs – Polk
  • Jeremy Gillam – Shiloh*
  • Jennifer Landis – Shelby
  • Jessica Stathes – West Salem
  • Randy Washburn – Mansfield

Paramedic Graduates:

  • Ethan Felton – Huron
  • Brian Martin – Huron
  • Gregory Miller – Grafton*^
  • Curtis Boger – Sandusky
  • Daniel Sharpe – Sandusky

Firefighter Graduates:

  • Erica Hoelzer - BayView
  • Thurman Cochran – Berlin Heights
  • Anthony Shepherd – Greenwich
  • Brock Busdicker – Huron
  • Daniel Weaver – Huron*
  • Luis Medina – Norwalk
  • Taylor Moore – Norwalk
  • Brandon Blatnik – Sandusky
  • Jonathan McKinney – Sandusky
  • Franklin DesRochers – Vermilion
  • Mason Montgomery – Vermilion
  • Todd Scott – Vermilion
  • Michael Worthen - Vermilion

*Academic Award
^Student Speaker

Firefighter picture - (L-R) Front row:  Brock Busdicker, Taylor Moore, Michael Worthen.  Back row:  Dan Weaver, Mason Montgomery, Anthony Shepherd, Erica Hoelzer, Thurman Cochran, Franklin DesRochers, Todd Scott.

Paramedic picture – (L-R): Ethan Felton, Greg Miller, Curtis Boger, Dan Sharpe

Advanced EMT - no photo available