A program for change

Searching for a job, having your resume just right and being prepared with top notch employability skills can be tough for some.  Especially for those who have been out of the workforce for a time and on public assistance.  EHOVE Adult Career Center started managing a program in October that will help people in this situation transition successfully into a career. 

Considered to be a welfare to work program, EHOVE’s PEAK program will put people to work through jobs at its facility in Fremont, while also teaching them vital employability skills to help them search for jobs, create a strong resume, communicate well and have a strong work ethic.  This effort is funded through a contract with Sandusky County Job & Family Services.

“Our goal is to prepare them for jobs, help businesses, prepare our local workforce and help move them off public assistance,” said EHOVE Adult Career Center’s Phil Johnson who is administering the grant and managing the facility. He works on site with a team of EHOVE staff members to train the workers and manage the projects.

Participants spend part of their day in training but another part of their day working on projects.  Income generated from these projects helps to offset public assistance funds while also preparing participants to earn certifications like OSHA, IC3 and forklift operator.  Johnson says PEAK is now offering online GED opportunities and will soon offer office training.

The program also allots a set number of hours for participants to search for a job.  The number of hours for each varies and is determined after a review of their situation by Sandusky County Job & Family Services.  To enable them to consistently report to the facility and search for jobs, the participants also have access to transportation vouchers.

Local businesses who have work that can be outsourced can arrange for it to be completed through this program.  The facility has plenty of space, a loading dock and equipment necessary to perform many different types of projects for private businesses and industries as well as local government entities. Examples of past projects include cutting and rolling tool box liners, wiring assembly, shredding documents and assembling components. 

Adam Schaloff of Bellevue participated in the program and found a job just three weeks after starting the program.  “I think it’s pretty good,” said Schaloff.  “It helps push people along to learn skills for the real world.”

Businesses who are interested in touring the facility or finding out if PEAK services are right for them are encouraged to contact Business Liaison Tina Schank at 419-355-1750.  More information will be available at www.EHOVE.net in the coming weeks.