Hometown winner

A competition at the Sandusky Farmer’s Market on September 24 drew 23 area cooks.  EHOVE Culinary Arts student Hannah Rumbutis (Perkins H.S.) found herself the winner of the “Best Utilization of Produce from the Market” award with her dish of pan-seared Salmon with cucumber salsa, rice pilaf and a vegetable medley.  Dishes were judged on taste, presentation and utilization of product by local business owners involved with the farmer’s market.

“It was a fun event.  I wanted to do something healthy that’s also on our Young Chef Inn menu,” said Rumbutis.  The Young Chef Inn is a student-run restaurant on EHOVE’s campus known for its upscale and everyday dishes, all at a very reasonable price.  The restaurant opens to the public on Wednesday, October 5.  It is open most Wednesdays and Thursday throughout the school year from 11 am-1 pm.  Open dates, menus and more information can be found here.

Another EHOVE Culinary Arts student, Jacob Lewis (Perkins H.S.) was among the competitors of varying ages.  He says he thought the event would be a good way to get more experience before diving into the ProStart competitions throughout the school year.  “I was nervous getting ready.  Once I got started, I knew what I was doing and was confident,” said Lewis who credited what he's learning in the program with Chef Michael Edwards.