The Lunch Café

Serving quality breakfast and lunch meals to EHOVE students.



Free and Reduced applications can be picked up at the main office or during lunch period in the cafeteria and MUST BE TURNED IN TO EHOVE CAREER CENTER.  We do NOT share application information with any of the partner/home schools. 

Online payments can be accessed at   Traditional methods of payments are available as well. Please send in check (made out to EHOVE Career Center) or cash payable in the cafeteria. 

Menu Prices:

Breakfast:  $2.50, Reduced $.30 (served daily from 7:45 am - 8:15 am)
Lunch:  $3.00, Reduced $0.40
Staff and Adults:  $3.25

Meal Charge Policy

Breakfast and Lunch Program - EHOVE Career Center is part of the National School Breakfast and Lunch program. We strive to serve nutritious and tasteful meals while encouraging students to make healthy choices.

This Month's Menu's:

 Lunch Menu - all lunch meals are served with choices of fresh fruit and vegetable portions and Toft's milk

  Breakfast Menu -  all breakfast meals are served with choice of fresh fruit and Toft's milk

Breakfast is served daily from 7:45 am to 8:15 am. If your student qualifies for Free or Reduced lunch, they will recieve the same status for breakfast.

Student Wellness Plan has even more information about how we're working to provide a healthy environment for our students.

EHOVE's Farm to School Program is Nationally Registered

EHOVE buys locally. The fruits and vegetables fueling our students are from Schmidt's Farms, a local farmer. We offer watermelon, muskmelon, apples, peaches, plums, green peppers and tomatoes just to name a few of our fresh seasonal items. Check out the Farm to School Website- Farm to School.

 Offer Versus Serve guidelines:

  • Students are offered 5 components at lunch 1. Meat/Meat Alternate, 2. Fruits, 3. Grain, 4. Vegetable, 5. Fluid Milk

  • Students are allowed to decline two of the five required food components at lunch. Students must take 3 of the 5 items to count as a meal or will be charged a la carte prices.

  • If a student selects less than the offered portion of Meat/Meat Alernate or Grains, it does not count as one of the minimum three required components at lunch.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.