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2018-2019 REgistration Guide

Have You Thought About What's After Graduation?

You have many options to choose from, but the process needs to start now. What is the timeline? What are your options? Start asking questions.

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OhioMeansJobs is a valuable online resource for career and college exploration that provides online education and career planning tools.

  • College Check out the College Services Google Site for more details about financial aid and scholarships, college options, and college services that EHOVE provides for students. For college help, contact Melanie Kempton at x329 or

  • Work: Get started with EHOVE's CareerLink. A free, online service for EHOVE students and alumni to see area jobs listings, create and post resumes, and connect with local employers. For signup help, contact Elaine Colvin at x344, or Becky Bernard at x236,

  • Military: How do I go about joining? What branch do I want to enter? Can the military help pay for my college? Find out more in the Choosing the Military Guide.

Have Questions?

EHOVE Career Advisors and Counselors are here to help.

  • Nikole Chaffee, Guidance Counselor (Huron County Schools), x269

  • Wesley Sanderson, Guidance Counselor (Erie & Ottawa County Schools), x248

  • Becky Bernard, Career Services Coordinator, x236

  • Haley Abraugh, Career Advisor, x229,

  • Melanie Kempton, College Access Advisor, x329,