What is Tech Prep?

Introduced in 1990, Tech Prep was created through Federal legislation to address the need for a high tech workforce in the 21st Century. EHOVE’s Tech Prep programs have a clear pathway to higher education. As of the 2011-2012 school year, EHOVE has converted all programs to Tech Prep.

Students in EHOVE Tech Prep programs receive technical training and industry certification for in-demand career fields at a faster pace. All programs offer articulated credit, where the student’s training at EHOVE will allow him/her to waive relevant courses at partner colleges in the future.

Some programs also offer on-transcript college credit free of charge, where the student is enrolled in a college course through BGSU Firelands, and will receive college credit and a college transcript upon completion. Tech Prep programs in both of these college credit situations allow EHOVE students to get a head start on college and their future careers.

EHOVE's Tech Prep Programs

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EHOVE's BGSU Firelands Tech Prep Program

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BGSU Firelands Tech Prep Acceptance Guidelines For College Enrollment