Industrial Tech

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All About the Program

Careers: Be a Welder, Fabricator or Machinist

Learn: How to blueprint, fabricate and calibrate precise finished products

Skills: Welding, machining, CAD, CNC Plasma and Milling

Cool!: Lots of hands on time in newly-renovated labs

Certifications: AWS D1.1

After graduation, most students immediately enter the workforce in this highly in-demand career field.

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Get Involved

Industrial Tech students will become members of SkillsUSA an association of trades and industry students. SkillsUSA allows students to participate in competitive events, fund-raisers, community service projects and social chapter activities.


Jim McIntyre, Senior Instructor,, Extension 264

Daniel Langdon, Junior Instructor,, Extension 263

419-499-4663, 419-627-9665, or Toll Free 866-256-9707