Phlebotomy Technician 

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Careers: Phlebotomists can work in a hospital or free-standing laboratory, mobile phlebotomy lab, blood bank, clinic or physician office.

Learn:  The phlebotomy skills of blood and non-blood specimen collection and become a vital member of the healthcare team.

Skills: Perform blood draws from all patient ages by venipuncture and dermal punctures as well as non-blood specimen collection such as urinalysis, glucose, throat and mono testing.

Cool!: Short 6½ month part-time day program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states employment of phlebotomists is projected to grow 25 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

Certifications: Phlebotomy Technician (PBT), American Heart Association of Basic Life Support (CPR)

Clinical Info: Opportunity to perform skills studied throughout the program with 150 hours of training in a hospital lab or clinic setting.

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