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Careers: Patient Care Technicians earn 3 certifications that allow them to work in the laboratory and any patient care area of the hospital including the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Room.  PCT's are also great employees for a dialysis unit, mobile phlebotomy lab or blood bank.

Learn: Patient Care Techs learn the basic and advanced skills of patient care, learn how to perform a patient's 12 lead EKG and read a cardiac monitor, learn the phlebotomy skills necessary to work in the hospital lab.  PCT's become a vital member of the healthcare team capable of working in multiple areas of the hospital.

Skills: As a Phlebotomy Technician; skills include venipuncture, dermal punctures, and other non-blood specimen collection.

As an EKG Monitor Technician;  skills include performing a 12 lead EKG and also the ability to read and monitor the EKG.

As a Certified Patient Care Technician;  skills include all the basic care needs of a patient but also include the advanced patient care skills of insertion and removal of a urinary catheter, performing oral and nasopharyngeal suction, sterile and non-sterile dressing changes and discontinuing an IV.

Cool!: Short 8½ month part-time day program.  Enjoy versatility and job security in your career choice.

Certifications: Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT), Phlebotomy Technician (PBT), Certified Electrocardiogram Technician (CET), State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA), American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR)

Clinicals Info: Opportunity to perform skills studied throughout the program with 200 hours of training in a hospital or clinical setting

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