Enrollment FAQs

More details about FAQs can be found in Guide to EHOVE

Who can attend EHOVE?

EHOVE serves students from 16 Partner School districts.

How Do I Apply?

Just complete the online application to EHOVE

When will I find out if I have been accepted to EHOVE?

Individual notification letters will be mailed to the student’s home address the first week in March.

What Career Tech Programs and Academic Courses does EHOVE offer?

EHOVE offers many exciting Career Tech Programs as well as Academic Courses and Elective Courses. Go to each Career Tech page and click on the link for more information about industry certification and college credit.

What do current EHOVE students have to say about EHOVE?

EHOVE is helping students on their future path.  See what students experience through their own photos and videos.  Search #EHOVEvips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do I have to provide my own transportation every day?

Transportation is provided by each partner high school. Parking permits are issued to students who choose to drive to EHOVE. For students taking classes at BGSU Firelands, optional transportation is provided from EHOVE to BGSU Firelands daily.

Will I get to see my schedule before school starts?

Yes, schedules are available in July at EHOVE’s Summer Registration. Registration packets will be mailed to all students the first week of July.

Will I earn my high school diploma from EHOVE?

Students receive their high school diploma from their partner high school. Upon completion of a career tech program, a student must have good grades, good attendance, and demonstrate competencies in the career tech program. A student will receive a Career Portfolio from EHOVE which displays a profile of both professional and personal accomplishments.

What kind of unique learning opportunities does EHOVE offer?

EHOVE is committed to providing various unique learning opportunities such as Blended Learning, Virtual Learning and Embedded Courses.

Can I still go to college if I attend EHOVE?

EHOVE prepares students for a seamless transition from high school to college by providing several opportunities to earn college credit and scholarship money towards a post-secondary education. 

Can I still participate in sports at my home high school?

Since you will still be a student at your home high school when you attend EHOVE, we encourage you to continue to participate in your extracurricular activities, including sports.

What if I haven’t earned all of my graduation points needed from the Ohio State Test (OST)?

EHOVE is ready to help you pass the OST. Our faculty and staff have developed the most comprehensive preparation for the OST possible. Tutoring is available and students are scheduled for regular tutoring prior to each OST testing week.

What are Work-Based Learning Opportunities?

Work-based learning opportunities are available throughout students’ junior and senior years. Juniors may participate in Summer JumpStart, an internship program for the summer following the junior year. Seniors have several opportunities to participate in Early Placement, where students may work at a local job site instead of attending their specific program lab.

Do I have to attend all day at EHOVE?

Most students choose to attend their Career Tech program and academics at EHOVE and we understand student needs vary. Therefore, students may attend EHOVE for lab and take academics at their home school.

Want more information?

Check out the Guide to EHOVE

Some benefits of attending EHOVE:

  • Get a head start into a career of your choice with hands on training.

  • Earn college credit

  • Meet many new friends

  • Spend half of the school day in your hands-on career tech program lab

  • Earn industry certifications

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities at your home high school

  • Graduate with your friends from your home high school

  • Earn while you learn through Work Based Learning Opportunities

  • Leave High School with a Career Portfolio that includes a resume and documentation of accomplishments

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